Joel Clements

Outside Inside

“These songs are from the knots in my stomach, the questions in my head and the cracks in my heart. They aren’t answers, more just company in the mystery. My motivation for music has always been to make lost people found, and that journey has inevitably started with me. These songs have helped me find my way, and I believe there is at least one person out there that could do with hearing them. I hope you find this music comforting and confronting, because it’s okay to not be okay and to explore that space, but it’s not a place to put down roots.” – Joel Clements

Falling Forward

“Joel Clement’s debut EP, Falling Forward is a beautiful journey through the artist’s experiences of learning through struggle and wrestling with life’s more difficult questions. It is relatable to anyone who has searched for answers honestly.  The story-telling in the songs is compelling and these are brought to life through beautiful melodies and strong production.” – Loretta from Safe Music Management.

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Based in Bath, UK – Joel Clements is a singer/songwriter that tells soulful stories straight from his own life, with a level of honesty and intentionality that reflects musical influences such as John Mayer. The guitar player embellishes with catchy riffs and creative ambient sound scapes, using them as an attractive back drop to his voice. The Debut EP ‘Falling Forward’ is a strong entrance into the industry, and introduces Joel at his roots. Joel relates to musicians like John Mayer, and songwriters such as JP Cooper. His latest release “Outside Inside” opens a window into the intimate thoughts of the human mind. Forsaking all production, these acoustic, stripped back songs are honest and confronting. They showcase Joel’s writing and delivery perfectly.